Tag: Handspring Treo 600

NewsFlash 2.1

Developer: Total Wireless Solutions Stay in touch with the world with latest News Updates on Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Top Stories or just anything on your handheld from your favorite news source. Allows you to add and manage your favorite RSS feed bookmarks into 7 different categories: 1. Business 2. Entertainment 3. Health & Fitness …

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The Iraq Study Group: The Way Forward – A New Approach 1.0

Developer: MobiFusion Inc.  This highly-anticipated Report contains dozens of ground-breaking recommendations that have shaken the US Government’s approach to Iraq strategy, security and stability, governance and regional relationships. The bipartisan Iraq Study Group was commissioned by Congress earlier this year to assess the Iraq War and propose steps to improve the situation. The Study Group, …

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SU: Additions 2.09

Developer: inDEV Software In this freeware solitaires pack were collected 20 most popular “addition” games from Solitaires Unlimited collection. In these solitaires you do not need to build long card sets, but simply dismiss paired cards from the game field. The best known solitaire in this collection is Pyramid, but the others are no less …

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